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Intellectual Ideas OÜ is the Estonian company established in 2014 by graduates of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia.

our mission

providing quality and modern mobile services for efficient solving of private and business tasks

our structure

Intellectual Ideas OÜ (Estonia) is the management company, which is responsible for quality and efficient operating of the Company’s worldwide global projects. OOO «UK "Idea"» is the Russian branch of the company, which is responsible for development and operating of the Company's products on Russian and CIS markets.

our principles

  • development of effective and useful services
  • analysis and permanent perfection of Company's products basing on users reviews
  • solicitous attitude to providing of safety and confidentiality of users personal data
  • providing regardful and effective conditions of work for Company's employees
  • our projects is the new social net, which is built like mobile messenger and could instantly answer the questions "who is who in your phone book?" and "what specialists are recommended by your friends?"

    it works like the global contact book, which unites professional contacts of users and ratings of their markets.

    smart75 is the encrypted decentralized payment system, which could be inbuilt in or in any other project, in which the task of providing secured payments between Executors and Customers is actual.

    we are developing the constructor for smart contracts, which could be easily operated by any user.

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    Intellectual Ideas OÜ
    Narva mnt, 7-634, 10117, Tallinn, Estonia